It can take an army!

30 Jun It can take an army!

super momIt’s first thing this morning and I can’t sleep.  I just received a submission for a potential client that has really moved me.  She’s run into some challenges in her life and is on the road to rebuilding her family and home, and sees decluttering and organizing as an important factor in that journey.

I really have to pinch myself sometimes, because I can’t believe I have the opportunity to help people in some of their their biggest times of need.  It can take an army of friends and family to come together when you need them most, and I like to think of bringing on an organizer as just adding one more family member to that team 🙂

Times are changing and people aren’t afraid to ask for help anymore.  We are empowered to be transparent, we know perfection is just a facade, and behind every happy and successful family is a team of people that love and care for them.

If disorganization is something bringing chaos into your family’s life, take back control.  And if you need extra help, I’ll be your “Partner in ‘Disorganized’ Crime”.