The Organized Traveler

28 Apr The Organized Traveler

Let’s be inspired by Pinterest for just a few moments…
Are you that person digging through your suitcase at the airport with no clue where to find your cozy scarf or much needed phone charger?  Well these tips are for you!
Staying organized while traveling is as easy as navigating through some Pinterest boards with “travel hacks” you may have never even thought of.
One-stop-shop Chargers:
  • Secure your chargers all in one place with a sunglasses case.
Mesh Bag Sorters:
  • Keep your socks and underwear organized by storing in mesh bags.  Bring an extra bag for dirty laundry.
Pill Container Repurposed:
  • Never misplace your jewelry or cufflinks again with a weekly pill container.
The possibilities are endless!  Travel with confidence, not chaos, during your next vacation.