What your children learn…

22 Apr What your children learn…

When you’re raising your children, you do your best to give them a great life.  You love them unconditionally, give them a good education, teach them manners and how to be a good friend.  You hope they will go out into the world and do something impactful, something they can be proud of, and to be happy!  I think deep down that’s what we all want for our little ones. 

One of the best ways we can do this is leading by example.  They are little sponges that learn everything around them, the good AND the bad. 

I was speaking with one of my organizing clients, who admitted to me her fear.  She was concerned that the disorganization in her home might be causing attention and behavioral issues in her son.  That was her big motivation to get organized. What a keen observation!

Disorganization causes A LOT of side effects that you may not even be aware of.  I think many people only notice how it effects themselves in THEIR life.  In reality, it effects everyone around you.  If hurts relationships and communication with your loved ones, focus and success at work AND probably most importantly the growth and education of your children. 

I see it a lot.  A child with too many toys can’t focus and chooses the iPad instead.  They get frustrated with their inability to pay attention in school and misbehave because they don’t know how to communicate. 

Of course there can be many factors at play here, but we want to give our children the best shot at a lifetime of success and happiness, and their environment is a HUGE factor in that.  Plus the ability to be organized as a child impacts their ability to be organized as an adult! 

Consider how your home is impacting your children.  Does it inspire creativity, learning and building strong relationships, or is it causing overwhelm, chaos and confusion?

Lots of people want to get organized, but sometimes it takes a motivation beyond yourself to get things in motion.  Hopefully this will inspire you if this is something you see as a challenge in your own home. 

Be Inspired! Jen